Asia's only brand recognized globally

2019~2023 Global robotic flexible part feeding system market by Technavio in UK

Korea's only 29 system supplier

Asia's only ​4 manufacturers feeding device manufacturing

What we do

Robot solution for producing all products

All companies in the manufacturing industry are struggling to automate production due to the system of small batch production of many varieties . We provide a "production standardization system" that enables the production of various products in one production line .

Multi-kind parts supply system that can supply any part makes standardization through robot and camera vision, and parts supply system.

The "Production Standardization System", which can be quickly applied to the changing production environment, is a future-oriented production system that enables production of not only current products but also future products, and greatly enhances manufacturing competitiveness .

All production automation standards presented

All companies and engineers that manufacture automated production machines must always design and develop customized production machines for their products. We always need new ideas, and we always do projects with invisible risks.

"Multi-product parts supply system" that can supply any part improves project efficiency through robot and camera vision and parts supply system. The standardized system drastically shortens the design time and makes the system easy and simple by reducing wiring and control devices. In addition to cost savings , it minimizes the consumption of manpower and time by dramatically reducing hidden risks.

Future-oriented advanced technology increases the value of manufacturing systems and proposes new standards of future value to end users.

Who we are

About AIM

Founded in March 2016

  • Contracted with Italian flexiball agency

  • 2016~2017 Jungjin Young Entrepreneur Academy

  • Patent registration parts supply system

2018 year

  • Developed and delivered AIVE2.0 release


  • AIVE3.0 release development and delivery

About CEO

About AIM

CEO Shim Hoon / Technology Sales, Management

  • Middle Vacuum 2016,2017 Youth Entrepreneurship Academy

  • 2020 Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy citation for robot industry

  • Automation systems 20 years experience

Meet The Team



​Representative performance of world-class manufacturers and research institutes

Large domestic companies

Mobile phone packaging line

Home appliance parts assembly line ​Cosmetic finished product packaging line

Developed the first- ranked assembly process for LED cars in Korea

Global manufacturing company

Apple parts supplier listed on the New York Exchange

Japanese electronic component manufacturer

No. 1 global connector manufacturer listed on the New York Exchange

Research institute

Korean electronic parts research public company

​Switzerland State University Smart Factory Research Purpose

Global robot brand collaboration and convenience program supply

  • Signed MOU with Swiss robot brand

  • No. 1 global cooperative robot brand MOU signed Joint development

  • Developing an app that can be linked with a brand with 70% of the global market share

AIM Co., Ltd.

32, Hanil-ro 23beon-gil, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea



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