Various types of tray packaging system

Flexible feeding system using AIVE2.0, RoboEYE and ABB scara robot

System features

•Program that can register 20 products

•Compatible to the shape of various parts

Minimize product damage, scratch, and static electricity

Excellent for transporting complex and delicate parts

Minimize loss time with dual tray supply device

Robot safety device and control switch, signal tower

Flexible feeding system?

This is a method of transferring parts using robots and vision, which is advantageous for the production of various parts. A large number of parts are spread widely using vibration to take a vision and allow the robot to transfer the parts. Products of various and complex shapes can be produced without damage


•Parts size: 1mm ~ 30mm

Tray size: Max 250mm x 250mm

•Power: AC220V, 15A

Temperature: 10 ° C ~ 40 ° C

•Capacity: 20ea/min ~ 30ea/min

System Diagram

Advantages of the flexible feeding system

​Multi-kind production

Various varieties

By software modification

Switch quickly

Quality improvement

Static electricity, scratch

Product damage and damage minimum

Production efficiency improvement

Tangled, kinked

Prevention of equipment stoppage during production

Left and right, front and rear division vision

Front, back and left and right separation

Error-free system

Robot, vision, feeder integration

Robo vision


Various functions such as position correction, feeder, hopper, and lighting control are provided by the controller and program.

Robo parts feeder


Precise and small parts are operated precisely and easily by using precise vertical vibration.

Scara robot


Reasonable european robot

Various functions and intuitive program

Easy integration of robot and vision
Competitive cost while using the best parts

We made competitive cost by minimizing unnecessary control parts cost and manpower consumption.

The software is driven by using the robot and the control device of the vision. It eliminates PLC (central control unit) and wiring, and makes the device with minimum manpower through standardization.


Optimal Integrated System

Robots, vision and flexible feeders can be easily configured and integrated into any automated production line through software and controllers already developed. It is a future-oriented system that can produce products that are already being produced and products to be developed.


Fast installation and minimal risk

It uses pre-developed software environment and hardware, and minimizes installation time and development time based on various experiences. Reduce project risk and reduce unnecessary manpower consumption for engineers.

System advantages
Product customization is inefficient.

Complex control device

Wiring and PLC removal

Simplify the system by simplifying the control system

​For easy maintenance and price competitiveness

Complex instrument for product

​Advanced device and alignment device removed

Reduce mechanical design and installation assembly time by using standardized parts.​ Reduce review errors by using proven instruments.

Risk of project failure

Minimize manpower consumption

Reduce project risk with standardized facilities. It reduces the consumption of manpower and time, and enables the project to be carried out within a set schedule.

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