They are the people who make machines with innovative ideas.

AIM is Advanced Idea Mechanic


Advanced Idea Mechanic

People who make machines with innovative ideas

We are enhancing manufacturing competitiveness by developing and supplying innovative production machines used in manufacturing plants together with factory automation system and machine experts, robotics and software experts.

AIM helps people to do more valuable work.

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It is a reality that even hiring companies are difficult due to the recent shortage of manufacturing manpower and rising labor costs . An aging population, rising labor costs, and epidemic diseases are causing a shortage of manufacturing manpower, especially in small local cities.



It perfectly solves the simple and repetitive tasks that producers avoid in factories . Solve the shortage of manufacturing manpower and increase manufacturing competitiveness. Using a robotic system, we provide a system that can perform infinitely repeatable work accurately without getting tired.


With industrialization, people sometimes act as auxiliary machines. I have seen a lot of sights sitting in front of a conveyor and doing repetitive work. Sometimes in hazardous processes, sometimes in harsh environments, many workers make products.


The software method that changes with the times also provides various solutions.

Various software solutions are being developed beyond ERP and MES. Software through the computer network cannot be standardized because the improvement must be made to suit the customer's environment.


AIM will solve with hardware including robots that are not replaced by software, and spread systems that are helpful to humans.

1960s robot




Smart Factory Robot

AIM's core competencies and experience are component feeder technology, industrial vision and robotics . We are doing all the technology of robotic parts supply system. As a solution that makes the most of the robot's functions, we provide an easy, simple, and quick conversion system. Through this, we received a commendation from the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy in 2020 at the opening ceremony of Roboworld, the largest robot exhibition in Korea.


More than 60% of industrial robots are used to transport parts . By adding an industrial vision system to the robot, mechanical devices are minimized.

We use a multi-type parts supply system so that robots and vision systems can perform optimized work.

Four mini SMD chip electronic components

AIM develops, produces, and sells a smart factory-type parts supply system for manufacturing 0.5mm to 250mm parts. It is easy to integrate intelligent vision systems and parts feeders and provides optimized speed, accuracy and flexibility.

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Technology recognized globally

Future-oriented machine with innovative ideas

The diverse global track record proves the uniqueness of the technology.

Swiss watch assembly process

Global Top 3 American Automotive Connector Manufacturers

No. 1 supplier of US-based Apple mobile phone parts

Japanese electronic component manufacturer​

And, Korea's major electronics manufacturing company

The only in Korea, the only in Asia

Robotic flexible feeding system UK research institute survey

  • The only Korean company out of 28

  • The only Asian company out of 4 parts supply systems

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