Flexibowl 200~800

Flexible parts feeder

Elaborate Sine wave vibration technology with Encoder

  • Multiple varieties, various sizes available

  • Supply of damage-free parts

  • Easy to use interface

  • Built-in backlight

  • Various functions such as front, back, shake, flip

Made in Italy, guaranteed high quality

Simple and Easy User-interface

User interface

Front, back, shake and flip can be performed and easily adjusted to the appropriate value.

Lighting control, home offset function, test running mode

Communication method Ethernet, USB

This is the overall system configuration. As a circular feeder, it provides optimum speed and efficiency by designating the area as a space where parts fall out in each area, a space to disperse, a space for robots to work, and a space to circulate again.

Detail of flexibowl

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Simple and Easy User-interface

With years of experience, we offer the most efficient way for you by having the most optimal disc and lighting options for each part.

​A circular system capable of various products

​As a method of supplying circular parts, it creates the best environment for robots to work through by flipping, transferring, and shaking, and boasts high speed.

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