AIVE2.0 and 3.0 

Parts detection system for flexible feeders and robots

Robo eye is an intelligent industrial vision system. The parts detection and image processing system completely controls the flexible feeder and hopper (mass storage device), and provides a direct integrated environment with industrial robots.

Easy integration of robot and vision

Robot, flexible feeder, hopper system integration

The position coordinates of the parts are integrated and transmitted to the robot, and the condition is sensed to control the flexible feeder and the hopper.

Quick installation

Minimize installation time by using pre-developed software environment and hardware

Competitive system cost

One control device can control up to 4 flexible feeders and 4 cameras.

Powerful software

Fast, powerful product tracking using a proven vision library

Various communication environments

Integrated control with all PLC and industrial robot brands using universal communication. TCP IP, RS232, 485, Digital IO, etc. and communication with PLC

Peripheral Control Integrated Controller

With the port provided by the controller, you can install and control robots, vision, feeders, hoppers, and lights. The robot, vision, and feeder are controlled using Ethernet 4Ch, and ports supporting each of the hoppers and lights are configured.

Provides various convenience functions

Complete functions are implemented through various communication support and proven vision library. Quick response is possible with remote control.

Packaged solution for robots

As a package solution for robots and parts supplyers, controllers, software cameras, and lens packages that can be easily and quickly integrated without being an expert

Easy and simple UI

It is easy and simple to operate by configuring a simple UI for the operator and a minimum number of buttons for adjustment.

Hopper, feeder control

Controls the amount of products in the flexible feeder with black and white ratio analysis. The product in the feeder is constantly controlled to create an optimal operating environment.

Detection of complex products

When using the gripper, additional checks are made to avoid interference. When picking up the product, the interference area is added and inspected so that there is no problem.

Detecting irregular product position

We provide a solution for tracking the location of irregular products. Use a soft gripper and vacuum chuck to check the center position and angle.

Easy and simple UI

Case of assembling two parts without jig

Avoid gripper interference and transfer by overlapping

Center coordinates of irregularly shaped products

Basic design


•All in-one kit: Controller, camera, lens

•Optional parts: Top light, Calibration plate, power cable, Calibration jig


Dimensions: 90 x 146 x 44 mm

•Weight: 800 g

Operating Temperature: +5°C to 40°C

Power: Voltage: +24VDC (+/- 5%)

Current: Max 15A (4Camera and light 35w x 4ch)

Win 10 64bit

Intel® ATOM™ processor E3845, Quad Core 1.91GHz

•Software: ROBOeye

Ethernet: 4x Gigabit Ethernet (PoE)

Light control: 4Ch


1.3Mp _Basler ace series

1282 px x 1026 px

• Mono

•GigE interface

1.3Mp _Basler ace series

1282 px x 1026 px

• Mono

•GigE interface


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