Roboeye is a complete robot vision solution applicable to robot guidance. It is a powerful visual recognition process tool that product location tracking but also inspection functions.

Controller ready for anything

The principle of pick&place vision system

Pattern creation


Minimum distance 65cm or more

Lighting, shooting techniques

Coordinate creation

Tracking 200 to 400 times the area

Algorithm to exclude overlapping and tangled parts

Sending data

Precise setting 0.8mm x 1.6

Shooting range 120mm x 120mm

2019 famous Japanese electronic components company

Area ratio 11,250

The technology of robot calibration Every where

Suggesting the optimal vision system

Suggesting the optimal vision system

Teach pattern

Simple control program and easy

Image filer for optimization

Program control

easy make flow drag and drop

Advanced matching for

complicated part detection and control hopper

Controller ready for anything

  • Direct connection with robot through diverse communication

  • Simple camera connection with POE power supply

  • Doable to control light

  • Feeder, robot can be operated by programming

  • ​Support I/O and Hopper control by inspecting the amount of feeder area

WRB Controller

Win10 Ent

Suggesting the optimal vision system

  • Providing solutions for experts dealing with robots

  • Selecting the optimal optical system considering the feed precision and speed

  • Configuring the most efficient machines through various system configurations

  • Up to 4 cameras and 4 feeders

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