AIVE2.0 and 3.0 


Wide, precise, and fine vibration generation

It generates precise and wide vibration by controlling the moving distance + frequency.

  • ​Supports various sized parts

  • Quick and easy fine and precise vibration control


Distance control

​Special system for electronic components

Created for the first time for electronic component manufacturing systems, AIVE offers a complete production solution for small parts.

  • Uses standard motors that are compatible with most electronic parts from 0.5 to 40mm

  • Japanese electronic component manufacturer's highest quality test call

  • Precise transfer of fragile parts

  • ​Minimizes product damage such as scratches, dust, static electricity, and damage

Easy integration of robot and vision
The system can be easily integrated through software plug-ins with various robot brands.
It supports standard communication protocol TCP-IP and Digital IO mode, and the manual button on the side is configured to enable quick response in the field.
The built-in backlight and the linkage with ROBO-EYE finds products quickly and precisely.
It finds overlapped parts and tangled parts to establish an optimal product transfer environment.

Robot plug-in


Recommended part size: 0.5~30mm
Platform size: 120mm x 150mm

• Vibration method: Strok, Frequency, Time
• Stroke: Max ± 7.5mm
• Frequency: Up to 90Hz
• Offset groove positioning: + 7.5mm
• Robot connection: TCP / IP, RS232, Digital I / O
• Power: DC24V



Recommended part size: 5 to 40mm
Platform size: 180mm x 230mm

• Vibration method: Strok, Frequency, Time
• Stroke: Max ± 7.5mm
• Frequency: Up to 90Hz
• Offset groove positioning: + 7.5mm
• Robot connection: TCP / IP, RS232, Digital I / O
• Power: DC24V



Easy and simple patameter setup


User can adjust vibration frequency, distance and time.

Lighting control, home, offset function, test run mode, communication means (USB, Ethernet)


It creates precise sine wave oscillations for dispersion or flipping motion. Because each part has a different shape, the user needs to make different settings for each part. Our program allows users to intuitively and flexibly control the vibration behavior.

Tutorial AIVE easy setting program with PC

Tutorial AIVE manual mode

More convenient

AIVE can work in any situation. Users can operate AIVE through manual button without PC or PLC by supplying power only.

Saved motion and interior lighting can be controlled with buttons.   Implemented all the functions available in I/O control via intuitive buttons. It supports quick operation for testing and is configured to enable vision setting and manual control.

More perfect

The feeder is height adjustable. It's our own technology.

The vision system needs a fixed distance to focus. In that respect, it is impossible to perfectly focus the field of view without changing the distance if the height of the part changes. Our Flexible Feeder is capable of various parts as the height of the feeder can be adjusted according to the height of the parts.

It is the only technology that we have invented and developed. Users can change parts at any time with our technology.


The blue part is the real robot's working area. The 2nd generation AIVE was developed with a structure that gradually supplies to the front end even for spread motion. This has increased the speed of production.

The operator feeds a lot of parts into the hopper.

This allows a certain amount of parts to be supplied to AIVE.

The red part is where the product comes out of the hopper. In previous versions of AIVE, you tried to centralize parts, but these features are deprecated because they slow down production.

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