AIVE2.0 and 3.0

Flexible feeder

Robotic flexible parts feeder AIVE

Elaborate Sine wave vibration technology(precise control)

  • System capable of producing various varieties(Fitting any parts)

  • Non-damaged feeding

  • Easy and simple application

  • Direct control via external buttons

  • Adjustable working distance

Compared to Bowl feeder, AIVE is non-damage, Non-part jam and possible not only for a single part but also for diverse types of parts.

Various achievements, robot and vision technical support

Specification of AIVE

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Simple and Easy User-interface

Easy and simple patameter setting

The user can adjust frequency, distance, time for vibration.

Light control, home, offset function, test running mode, communication means(USB, Ethernet)



It makes precise sine wave vibration to make motions for dispersing or flipping. Each parts has different shapes so the user has to vary the set up for different parts. Through our program the user can intuitively and flexibly control the vibration motions

Direct control by manual buttons

Operating AIVE is doable in any circumstance.

The user's able to operate AIVE through manual buttons without even PC, PLC if only power is supplied

Controlling motion 1,2, backlight, home position, etc. is available.

We've materialized all the functions which, are available in I/O control through intuitive buttons. It supports quick operation for testing, and is configured to enable vision setting and manual control.

Feeding system for optimal speed

The operator supplies many parts to the hopper.

Through this, a certain amount of parts will be supplied to AIVE.  

The red part is where the product comes from the hopper. In the previous version of AIVE, we intended that parts are gathered into the center but due to the slowed production speed, these functions are no longer used.

​붉은 부분은

The blue part is the actual robot's working area. The 2nd generation of AIVE has been developed with a structure that feeds gradually to the front end even with a spread motion. Through this we realized an improvement in production speed.

Adjustable working distance

Camera focus distance should be varied by product changing.

The thickness and height are changed by changing products. Vision system requires very precis and sensitive setting for these matters which means working distance must be adjustable for various products.

​붉은 부분은

AIVE adjusts the height by itself to configure the optimal environment for camera by corresponding to each diverse parts appropriately. It is our own and only technique which enables various components production.

​Vibration method for various products

Robotic flexible parts feeder AIVE

Frequency and feed distance are precisely controlled with accurate data.

Any product from 0.5 to 40mm is possible.

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