More Flexible for Manufacture with

Robotic flexible parts feeding system

We provide "easy" "simple systems" including feeder, robots and vision.

We have built technical reputation with using robots, feeder, vision systems.

We offer standardized systems considering field applications as well as safety specification.


Simple system configuration

  • Minimizing robot program and wiring

  • Simple system with communication program method

High speed and accurate system

  • Providing solutions for experts dealing with robots

  • Selecting the optimal optical system considering the feed precision and speed

  • Optimal machine configuration through various system configurations

  • Up to 4 cameras and 4 feeders

Line up


Capacity : 25~40ea/min

  • 1 Camera

  • 1 AIVE

  • 1 Robot


Capacity : 25~60ea/min

  • 2 Cameras

  • 2 AIVEs

  • 1 Robot


Capacity : 25~60ea/min

  • 4 Cameras

  • 4 AIVEs

  • 1 Robot



Product : Electric component mold cover 

Parts size : 15mm ~ 20mm

Capacity : 30~40ea/min

Number of product : 2parts

Robot : Fanuc LS3

Application by AIM


Product : Electric component

Parts size : 12mm ~ 20mm

Capacity : 20ea/min

Number of product : 4parts

Robot : EpsonLS6

4Units of Camera

4units of AIVE

Application by AIM

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