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Equation for entirely unmanned automation

Feeder + Vision + Robot=Perfect Automation        

The essential purpose of product manufacturing is to convey the components into the intended position


It's the most primary and necessary process for any production. 

But, the problem is that it's the most difficult and not automated part.

Through our technology  you're able to turn this hardships into the opportunity for development.

The technology overcoming difficulties for human



Through vibration

AIM has been continuously pursuing to consist the environment which enables more valuable work  for human by replacing monotonous and repetitive work with our system.

We realized that robot can substitute for human arm and vision can replace human eyes. But there's one big unsolved problem which is how to range(flipping, dispersion) all the components without human. There's no way to solve this problem with vision and robot. That's why we've struggled for wholly unmanned automation system. Through our experiences we've invented the system with our flexible feeder making the industry much more effective and efficient. Flexible feeder is the solution for that matter for entire unmanned automation.

News article of 2001 related to simple repetition

The visual recognition for different purpose

The principle of pick&place vision system

Teach the image and find the same product and transmit the position to robot

Pattern creation


Coordinate creation

데이터 전송

Inspection vision

Finding different parts from the top

Expressed as On / Off or 1/0

The technical difference that is bound to be the best

Minimum distance 65cm or more

Lighting, shooting techniques

Tracking 200 to 400 times the area

Algorithm to exclude overlapping chips and tangles

Precise setting 0.8mm x 1.6

Shooting range 120mm x 120mm

2019 famous Japanese electronic components company

Area ratio 11,250

Core technology


Robot operation technology

•Use of robot programs

•Robot utilization technology

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Vision system technology

•Image processing technology

•Coordinate data conversion

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Flexible feeder

  • Manufacturing of various kinds of parts

  • ​Parts without damage


Convergence technology

  • Networking and data processing

  • Position correction program

  • Simplified system

  • Equipment price reduction

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